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Started receiving this error while on an approach to KBOI. 

Any ideas? Attached is my Log File.

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Hi N1745Q,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I have looked at many a "Log.txt" file in this forum and never seen one of such length as yours.  Unfortunately I cant interpret some of the messages.  There are others who can.

However what I do understand is that with all of your add-ons there may be conflict between packages causing your problem.

My suggestion would be to delete all of these addon packages (preferences?) and start afresh with what you want to do and get it working and then slowly and methodically add one package at a time to determine the offender.

As a sideline issue, there are references to XP10 in the log.txt file.  Have you mixed XP10 and XP11 into one package (directory)  If so XP10 will not work in XP11.  From very early previous references in this forum this has been made clear.

As a further sideline issue, XP 11.30 has not been officially released.  It is still in the testing phase.  There are earlier postings not so far back where other flight simmers have been experiencing problems with XP11.30  while trying to fly into or out of airports designated "K....."   Apparently it is a known bug.  Fixed?

Good luck


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Thanks for the feedback, Glenn!

I've never had XP10, and started fresh with XP11 in October, so there isn't any conflict there.

After looking through the log file, I traced back most of it to my SPADnext installation. I thought I had disconnected the SPAD XP plugin, but I hadn't, so it was continually trying to connect. I have removed/deleted that.

Based on the timing of when this error began, it seems it might be an Actice Sky XP issue, rather than an X plane issue.

Thanks for your help troubleshooting, though. Much appreciated!