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I just updated to 11.3, and now after about 8-10 minutes it crashes to desktop. It was not doing this with 11.26.  I am not making changes or taxing the system abnormally. just flying close to same airport with one aircraft, but after a certain time it just hiccups and crashes.
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Anyone? Anyone?

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Hi there

I'm just another simmer in the UK, but assuming that your PC hasn't coincidentally developed a hardware fault, then the cause of the problem is more likely to be a corrupt X-Plane file (scenery file?) or Plugin file?

I've read of other cases from simmers where they had similar problems and were asked to remove certain scenery files?

Try running the X-Plane 11.exe Installer software (not the X-Plane app itself) and click on the Update X-Plane button. Your X-Plane files will then be scanned and updated automatically if there is any problem.

I would suggest also that you save all of your plugin folder/files to a temporary folder and delete the ones in the X-Plane 11/ Resources/Plugins folder, before trying to open X-Plane again. You can always put the plugins back again afterward.

If none of this works, then I would further suggest that you formally send X-Plane a bug report through the correct website page, along with a copy of the X-Plane log file.

Hope you manage to get things sorted out :-)

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Running the installer and overwriting the files it found needing updates worked.  Thanks so much to Greengolfer.
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That's great news well done and happy trails :-)

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