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Just came back from a 2 week hiatus from X-Plane 11 and now no third party A/C will load up. X-Plane will start loading the A/C then will crash, although loading up the default B737-800 works perfectly. I've tried the Output/preferences folder deletion, relocating the third party A/C from Aircraft/Extra Aircraft to just Aircraft, then back, re-installing the newest versions of the planes... nothing has worked yet. I used to fly the FlightFactor a320-200 and it worked perfectly fine. I come back after the 11.35 update and it does not want to load without X-Plane crashing. I just bought the JarDesign a330-200 (all third party A/C were bought through the official X-Plane store), and it does not want to load up either, X-Plane just crashes. Again, the B737-800 Default works perfectly fine. 

OS: macOS, MacBook Pro (Mojave 10.14.5).

X-Plane: Purchased through Steam.

Log.txt included:

Apple crash report included:

Anyone have any suggestions ? Thanks.

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Hi hishamomar,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Good news and bad news.

There is no good news.  The x-plane log.txt file you attached was or is difficult to read because it has "word rapped" all info together.   No clear deliniations between lines of text.  The Apple file you attached is in the order of 54 pages long.  Because you are not running the Laminar Research version of X-Plane you need to have a look at the answer provided in the following  link found at

Good luck.