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This issue just occurred. The game worked fine for over 20 hours with the Logitech G940 flight kit.
Now it tells me i have an xbox controller in addition to the G930 and it wants me to calibrate. When I click the 'go to joystick calibration settings-something' it just closes/crashes. No error messages, no sounds. Just gone. If I click 'ignore' I can start a flight and all that, but whenever I try entering the Settings menu it simply closes/crashes.

I tried restarting both the game and the computer. Have not tried a reinstall yet as I have many settings I don't want to lose.
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I'm pretty sure you can only have one controller plugged in at a time.  I'm not familiar with either one that you mentioned, but I cannot run my Yoke and Joystick at the same time
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Mine did too. I updated the video driver. That may work?
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In addition to unplugging the Xbox 360 controller, I had to remove it from Windows as well.
That fixed it.

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