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X-Plane 11 does not load Add-on: Aerosoft - Airport John F. Kennedy International.  Each time I have steam install it, the install finishes ok.  When I load X-Plane 11 it says the scenery is missing files and can not continue loading.

Not sure how to continue.


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Can you include you log.txt?
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Is this KJFK Aerosoft airport for X-plane 11 or for X-plane 10?
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Its for X-Plane 11.
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I'm installing it again, than I will send the log.txt file.
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This scenery requires OpensceneryX :

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Why doesn't steam tell you that?  I wasn't aware.  :)

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Well.. Steam.. that's a whole topic. Many things have been written about them on this website, so I let you look for it if you are interested.

For this specific issue, if there is a confirmed lack of information, it might be on Aerosoft side too... I can't tell.

Enjoy the scenery :)

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