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so on start up of xplane 10 i get a meesage about my controller not being calibrated.. with a would you like to do that now..." yes or no" buttons... but neither on of them are clickable. so i just have to ctrl alt delete and kill xplane since it will not go any further. i have a mouse and can move it around but nothing is clickable to move on. no keys or tabbing does anything its just ctrl alt delete and kill it so basically my copy of xplane 10 is useless. Ive tryed adding -w into launch options to start in windowed mode but it doesnt work. it is a steam version and ive verified files. I was thinking about getting xplane 11 but if i cant get this to work im not taking a chance on 11. any help would be great. ive tryed not having any controllers plugged in and just go mouse but i still get the non clickable options
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This is strange.. I would recommed to delete your prefs files as described elsewhere on this forum.

Can you be more precise about your X-plane 10 version?
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thank you that did seem to work. i looked around but I did not find my specific issue in the forums. I guess it depends on how you describe the issue.
I believe it was from setting the resolution  to 4k. After deleting files as suggested I was able to play. Then set it back to 4 k RES and again had nothing click able and had to alt delete again...  I tried plane 11 demo and it is far better then then 10 anyway so I uninstalled x10. Thanks again for the help...

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Hi again,

Indeed, there seems to be something here : by typing "X-plane 10 4K" in Google, I came up with this result :


Well, might be useful for other users who want to keep X-plane 10.

All the best to you