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My throttle and mixture control in x plane 11 are not working properly:

When I start a flight – my throttle and mixture control are stuck at about 50%

And does not response to any input- not from my joysticks and not from the keyboard,

After I press the x key on the keyboard ("auto pilot auto throttle on")- the throttle response only to the keyboard (f1 and f2 keys)- but not to the joysticks, the mixture control doesn't response at all.

The problem persists after I disconnect all the joysticks from the computer.

X plane recognize my joysticks and I assign the proper axis to the throttle ant mixture control.

How do I fix this problem?

i am using this version:

Thank you

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For further investigation, quit X-Plane with the hardware plugged in and attach a copy of the log.txt file. A picture of the joystick screen would also be helpful.
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picture of the joystick screen+ txt file
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