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I am unable to use my recently downloaded X-Plane 11 I am getting poor frame rates 19FPS and lower and constant stuttering. I am using Windows 10 64Bit in game Mode dedicated SanDisk Extreme pro 480GB SSD and a dedicated Crucial MX300 525GB SSD dedicated to my Installed X-Plane 11. My PC is running on an AMD 6 core processor @3500Mhz, 16GB DDR3 memory, Nvidia GTX1070 Graphics. I am using the LG 34UC88 curved Ultra wide screen for my display.

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The shuttering might be fixed by turning on VSync. In the options for x-plane under the graphics tab, check mark the VSync option in the bottom left corner.

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Have you checked this video?
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Put the options (the only slider available) at minimum and start from that.
If even at minimum you cannot run X-Plane 11, then your machine is not powerful enough.
XP11 has almost no controls on graphical options so you should  have a pretty powerful machine tu run it.

One of the worst choices of programmers was to enable at all options level the extended dsf feature, that kills the fps even on powerful machines, and generates really huge stutters, expecially if you use some photo scenery overlay. You can disable this option only inserting some text lines in the internal X-Plane settings file, and doing this each time X-Plane updates itself.

Easy and "user firendly" doh?!?!
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I've heard AMD is not working really well with flight sims, but i've had this problem too, and I reinstalled Xplane11 and now I have 60 fps everywhere, so maybe that could work.