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I bought X-plane 11 to change from FSX, at first I thought I had setup incorrect X-plane, no, 15-30 frame fate is just so poor, I can lower it down to no scenery a field with no objects with every sliders to the left and yet, 15-35 frames.

With no VR or without makes no difference. I really wanted X-plane to work?

Why is it that I can use FSX with VR at 70-80 frame rates and 90hz in London area drops to 50-70 frame rates and sampling at 2.2?

Every slider right on FSX with no problems?

Even DCS frame rate works above 50 frame rates and sampling at 2.0.

I know you must get fed up of hearing this but you keep making things look beautiful but you need to fix the major problems first, what is going on with the buttons on rotations it's so frustration.

Thank you, I do think that X-plane 11 should be the best, such a shame.


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Hi Dean,

We have increasing the frame rate on our roadmap for the near future in order to accommodate VR. Please also keep in mind that FSX is 10 years old while X-Plane is a sim that is regularly updated to use new technology that is more demanding on hardware.