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I suspect this is a feature request. I use ortho4xp photographic scenery, and I find that autogen houses and trees do not blend in with the scenery in the way I would like. However I would like to have road and rail traffic retained.

I believe it was possible to achieve this in X-Plane 10 (my first version of x-plane is 11) and I would like to have the advanced options of selecting to show or suppress different types of autogen objects in x-plane 11.

Is it the intention to develop this for a future update of x-plane 11?


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The option system in XP11 does not leave any control on the separate parts of the "world". So no, you cannot remove only part of the autogen, without reducing also other parts. This is one of the absurd choices of XP11...and it is ironical that people that did not use xp10 is asking this....because the simplyfication of the controls is exactly what XP11 was looking for, to gain more customer.
From an experienced XP9 and XP10 user I can tell you XP11 is only XP10 with a different interface (even if some part of the sim still use the old interface and windows graphic) and some little update.
In practice: everything you are asking is available in XP10.