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Every time I'm flying into or out of MMUN, (Cancun Intl.), runway 12L is always covered in trees, thus rendering it completely useless. I was wondering if anyone else had this probelm, or if this was just an installation error. I have tried restarting the game and flying in different airplanes, but nothing seems to fix this problem. Is there a way I could fix this? Thanks!



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Hi sbboice,

MMUN is a default airport. We have not had any user submitted scenery for it. So it is probably missing exclusion zones which keep trees, roads, etc from showing up where they shouldn't, such as on the runway or taxiways. You can file a bug against the pack here on the Gateway, and a volunteer scenery artist may fix it someday. 

Or you could also try your hand at fixing it yourself by downloading WorldEditor and adding an exclusion zone.

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Thanks! I will try both of these options.