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Good day,  I was flying last night from KTEX to KTUS and as I was passing over PHX a message popped up something about leaving my Regional area and needing Global.  Then all the scenery disappeared and everything was an ocean.  I found this odd, as I own the Global edition.  Also it seems to always ask me to activate my software so I'm assuming this was part of the issue.  I have the download edition and not the one with the USB or the DVD, perhaps I need to get the USB sent to me?  I really can't have my scenery turning to water while flying.  This also messed up my ILS as the signal would not pick up on the radios.  Not that I need it, as a real life PP I can fly VFR just fine, but it makes it rather difficult to practice when I get glitches like this.  Also with my wife nagging at me about the time I spend "playing that game" it is not like I could just load the entire flight and do it over again.  

So my question is what or why it not recognize my global edition in the middle of the flight like that?





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Hi Johnny,

This sounds like it might be a bug if this has happened more than once. Are you using the digital download edition purchased from Please file a bug report with a copy of your log.txt file here. Please also be as specific as possible so we can try to reproduce this issue.