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Hi, I have installed the X-Plane 11 Box Version. But the program dos'nt start. The screen is blinking some times and then the program crashes. What can I do?

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Please double check that your computer meets the minimum requirements for X-Plane 11. If it does, attach a copy of the log.txt after trying to start and seeing the crash. If the crash reporter window comes up, be sure to fill it out and send it too.

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Hi, my systemconfigration is:

Geforce GTX 750 Ti
CPU Intel i5-6600
Mainboard ASUS Z170-P
Win10 V.1607.

Attached i send the log-files



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x-plane 10 is running without any problem
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I don't see anything obvious in the log. Have you tried running the latest installer and picking the "update" option to possibly repair any damaged default files? Try updating your graphics card driver as well if available.