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I am using an Eclipse Yoke, it is plugged in and calibrated.  I cannot find an option to turn off the "X" and "steering box" anywhere in the settings.  I have deleted my prefs in the output folder and re-calibrated the yoke numerous times.  

2 screenshots are enclosed, along with my .log file.

Any suggestions?  Thanks, Jennifer.    Matt

closed with the note: Re-installed XP-11 to get rid of the problem.

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The mouse steering box should go away automatically when a device is plugged in. It appears that it comes back if there are no axes set to roll, pitch or yaw though, so double check that the device is correctly configured. The Eclipse Yoke has a default config file so you should be able to reset to defaults.
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I tried This but this did not world it just disables my yoke/clears out my set up