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Whenever I spawn the Boeing 767, many functions of the aircraft  (hydraulics, autopilot, reverse thrust and many more)  wont work. When I press my button assigned to fix all broken systems, nothing changes. And when I go to the failure menu and press "fix all", still nothing happenes. All my other planes, do not have this problem, so it might be something with the 767. Can someone please help me because I really like the 767 and it is a shame that such a great plane is broken. 

(note this happened after I updated the game to the latest version.)

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In addition to the X-Plane failures, the Flight Factor 767 has its own failure and maintenance system.  Go to the iPad inside the 767 cockpit and look for the maintenance page.  Make sure that the engines and the APU are off.  Then perform the maintenance as required.

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Thank you. I did not know that maintenance was a feature. All the failures are gone. Thanks.
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Great!  Glad it worked! smiley