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Yesterday I downloaded X-Plane 11 beta to my computer, I started a flight with the cessna 172 and everything worked correctly except the fuel selector lever, it was backwards and didn’t turn. In the 737-800 practically nothing of the cockpit worked, I couldn’t turn on the batteries, fuel pumps, parking brake, etc.

I tried to reinstall the simulator but these problems continue in all the aircrafts.

What could I do to fix these errors?

Sorry for my English, I'm from Spain. :)
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Got exactly the same problem... Did you solve that issue?

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I'm not sure what could be causing these problems. I am able to start most of the default aircraft from cold & dark, so I do not see this issues with the cockpits not working.

Remove any plugins and see if it helps. Attach a copy of the log.txt for further investigation into possible problems with your setup.