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I build multi-PC cockpits for private (non-commercial) individuals. These cockpits usually consist of one "master" PC and a number of "slave" PC's which each show a partial external view (monitors mounted in a semicircle). This could result in a simulator running 4 copies of X-Plane or even 7 copies with a 6-monitor 180 degree wrap around view.

Please would you give me a answer as to whether I need to purchase one copy of X-Plane for each PC, or whether only one copy of X-Plane is required for a single simulator.  Note, these simulators are mainly used by private pilots who practice their procedures at home and are never used commercially to generate money so the professional version is not required.

If the answer is "one copy of X-Plane for every PC even if it just shows a partial external view", do you offer quantity discounts?


Dave Britzius

(Cockpit builder - Cape Town)

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If you are using X-Plane DVDs you would definitely need one copy of the DVDs per computer. I am not sure how many copies of the digital download version can be running at the same time before it might get flagged for piracy.

I would recommend you email support at [email protected] to double check.