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Just received Xplane 10 (disk) and on the inside of the cover it explains how to install on your mac. It says to select the icon labeled "Installer_Mac" to begin the process. Only thing is, I do not have an icon labeled "Installer_Mac". The following are the icons shown: AUTORUN.INF, dvd_version.txt, X-Plane.ico, X-Plane 10 Installer, X-Plane 10 (file folder), X-Plane 10 Installer Linux, Installer_Windows.exe, X-Plane 10 Installer Linux 32-bit, X-Plane Installer Linux.

I'm hesitant to proceed further, what should I select. I'm running up to date Yosemite


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Hi Cory,

I apologize--it sounds like the instructions on the cover are out of date. X-Plane 10 is the file you want to run. Double click that to launch the installer then proceed through the instructions on each screen. Here is a link to instructions in our manual that may help too.

(I see we still call it "installer mac" in the manual too. I will get that changed for our next manual update!)

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Thank you so much!... I have a long history of really screwing computers sometime during setups.