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I have logged about 50 hours in the default MD-82. Everything has been working fine up to this point. I had been playing the game with a standard xbox one controller controlls all mapped and everything working as it should. I installed my xbox one elite controller calibrated it and realized my nose tiller and yaw where on the same axis (left stick) changed nose tiller and now the vertical stab jams hard over, causing an uncontrollable roll on take off. The peddals in the 3d cockpit are also pushed hard in which ever direction the stab is jammed. Triiming it causes the stabalizer to begin acting eratically. Oddly this issue does not seem to affect any other aircraft in the game just the MD-82...which also happens to be my favorite plane in the game. does any one have any idea what is causing this ?

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Hm, it seems odd that it would only be affecting one aircraft. Double check that nothing has been failed randomly by going to the failures screen and using the "fix all system" buttons. I would also suggest recalibrating the controller again just to be safe.