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During a trimmed, level cruise in the Carenado C152 II (v. 3.2), all was well until the plane made a sudden hard roll all the way left. I couldn't recover and crashed into a field. This occurred even though I was holding the yoke normally and lightly. Hardware was iMac, El Capitan 10.11.5, X-Plane 10.45r2, CH Products Eclipse Yoke.

Customer support at CH Products wants me to see if it was a software problem. I actually suspect hardware, but my question is: Is there a possible X-Plane software cause of the above behavior? The yoke calibration process seems to show expected parameters in terms of centering and full deflections of the inputs.

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Hi rlbrooks,

I have not heard of anything like that before, but the real trick is trying to reproduce it. Does this happen at the same spot in the same flight? It could be related to the scenery. Does it always happen after a certain length of time? Does it happen with every plane?

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