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DEMO XP 11 VERSION Cessna 172, veers hard left on take off roll.  This can be seen at air speeds so low ,they do not move the air speed indicator.  The airplane will continue the veering and enter a full circle (at the very low ground speed) that may not be corrected with right rudder input.  So, this is a ground steering problem (not a yaw or wind problem) and may not be reflected in the a displayed nose wheel turn.  Could possibly be a left toe brake problem. The C-172 nose wheel locks in the center when the strut extends.  Don't know if this in the simulation, but could be a factor if it is.  I once had a C-182 throw me off the runway to the left on take off before rotation due to a lock up problem.

The problem appears to be a software bug that puts a left turning force in no matter what.  It is extremely different from real world 172 behavior. Yes there is a P-Factor on take off but is much less pronounced and only shows up with high pitch up and full power in the climb.

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The demo will perform exactly the same as the full sim aside from the limit on time & scenery. The C172 will behave the same way in the full sim.

My understanding is that this left pulling tendency is real world behavior. If you believe this is incorrect, you can file a bug at .