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The HUD visibility is very poor.  Is there a way to increase the contrast? Could the thickness of the HUD lines be changed?


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I am experiencing the same thing. The HUD display on X-Plane 11 is barely visible.

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We just got a bug report about this recently and it has been filed as a feature request for consideration.
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I use Ctrl+b and it works beautifully.
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"Ctrl+b" and "h" (suggested in this forum) fail to increase the HUD brightness to where it can be seen in daylight conditions. Is there a way to make it as bright as the dat display?
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I found a solution. "HUD toggle HUD brightness" needs to be assigned a keyboard key. The assignment can be made at Settings/keyboard/Navigation&Radios/indicators/HUD toggle brightness. I use ampersand (single quote). This helps a lot, but the ability to switch to red would be better.