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Using the Saitek 52x pro controls , I need 2 sets of control setting for Helicopters and Aircraft. No problem with the aircraft side.

However for Helicopters I now want to assign The Throttle lever  to Pitch control  and  Throttle control to the slider or Knob on  the grip.

I have loaded a helicopter and gone to settings ,but the menu seems the same as for planes.So far I have not been able to locate a reference to...Rotor blade pitch Control....where can I find it and what would it be identified as?

Also once created, how can I name and save this second set of settings, so that the correct one can be  loaded
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You can try this:  Go to your main X-Plane folder.  Then go to the OUTPUT folder.   In that folder you will see a folder called PREFERENCES.   You can then set up a subfolder and put the preferences in that folder.   Then set up your 2nd set of joystick preferences and change the name of the new preferences folder... and then move the original preference folder with the 1st set of joystick settings back to its original location.   That way you can "swap" the preferences folder when you want to use the other joystick settings.  Unfortunately... there is no way to do this within the interface
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Hi Marty,

I think it is a well expected feature. Do you plan on implementing that soon?

Best regards,

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WOW!! will give it a try.

However as the X Plane 11 offers both Planes and helicopters, which require different setup parameters. You would expect to find Specific files already in the program so that the correct controls would be automatically loaded , depending on the model selected.