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Can someone provide me with the profile file (*.prf) to use the MFD in X-Plane11?

That is for the Saitek X52 Pro.


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I have spent hours calibrating and recalibration saitek x52 pro flight system with various planes in XPlane 11 (Windows 10) and have yet to get a plane successfully off the ground: much fluttering, jumping, yawning and other unexplainable manoeuvring, can't even get the plane up to speed. I just purchased XPlane 11 a few days ago and am already having regrets. Help!!!!!!
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Hi, I think the lnflight school should be a precious help for you. I'm sure you can find good tutorials on Youtube, epecially made for beginners.

Flying can be very difficult to learn, especially if you miss some key elements at the beginning.
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I too am having peculiar performance with my Saitek  X52. It has worked flawless until a recent upgrade.

1:  I load a plane and throttle operates in reverse so I calibrate the throttle to perform in reverse.

2. I reload the plane and the throttle operates as it should for a few minutes and suddenly the throttle is back in reverse mode and the flight is most erratic usually crashing in a very short flight less than 1 minute.

It looks to me that I have a corrupt file that is for some reason not being updated in each "latest version" file.
Help needed.