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I was wondering if someone could help me. I have been traveling a bunch of times on IFR since public beta and the issue is still recurring.

Long-story short, the ATC seems to forget about me completely when I am about to reach my flight destination. Normally, when I get close enough to my final stop, ATC begins to guide me through visual approach i.e descending, flying headings up until the field is in sight.

Some other flights, I have tried, I end up over shooting my destination and without a single peep from the ATC. So I end up having to cancel IFR and land manually so it does not nag me to climb back to my IFR altitude that I've set up.

Question is, is this because I am doing something wrong in my flight plan whether it be in my FMC or during file plan?

Please let me know.

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it's totally true- the ATC IFR flight plan guidance just suddenly...stops

Also, I'm often cleared for takeoff from a runway.....ROLLING.....then I hear tower tell me to taxi to another runway
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I had something similar just happening. I was on approach to an airport when the ATC suddenly directed me to a completely different heading.

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I have noticed the same behavior with 11.10. Since the release, I have taken three ATC IFR Planned flights (one in IMC, two in VMC) and was abandon by ATC after being told to descend and expect vectors for visual approach on the VMC flights and was given vectors on to the approach during the IMC flight.  Not enough samples to determine if this will always be the case...
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Did anyone find a solution to this infernal problem? It happens to me whichever direction I take and however I fly. I have the latest (Final(?)) X plane 11 edition which I would have assumed would have been cleared of such bugs! Not impressed, in fact FSX still has much more going for it ... so I have stopped using XP11.
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It's hard to say whether it's an issue with your steps, the airport, or ATC, etc, from this description. It's best to try to find out if there is a consistent place it happens, or if it always happens after you perform certain actions. If you can narrow down the issue to a pretty specific set of steps that always cause it, file a bug here.