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I am Flying IFR From basically anywhere. Flight Plan startup and taxi are good. Takeoff is okay they never give me a heading only say I'm clear for take off and connect to centre who only say altimeter ____ but its ok. Climb, Cruise and everything else is good except for landing. They approach me well they get me lined up and right height good vectors and they clear me to land. I am ready to land gliding down flaring and about to touch the ground when they tell me to head a direction (usually just runway heading) and climb to 2 or 3000 feet. Usually I ignore them but if i follow their orders they will take me round and do the same thing again. Give me vectors, clear for landing and then tell me to turn and climb. I can see this happens with the AI planes as well but obviously they can ignore ATC. So basically here are lots of planes flying round me and taxiing and taking off but none are landing. Am I doing something wrong or is ATC in X-Plane just need an Update?

This is the steam version (X-Plane 10 Global 64-Bit Steam)

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Hi William,

It's not you, it's ATC. Unfortunately, this sounds like very typical behavior for X-Plane's ATC. Our developers have been working on fixing some of these issues for a later update.
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Thank you very much i was getting worried it was something i was doing can't wait for the update though. XD