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Xplane 11 was working up until a few days ago.  I flew one flight, and then later in the day, it wouldn't work.  I can get to the main menu but when I say start a new flight, it loads for a few minutes before giving a memory error.  I haven't changed any settings, so I'm not sure why it all of a sudden doesn't work.  Here is the log.txt:

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X-Plane is totally out of memory. Next time, turn down your rendering settings or remove add-ons to avoid this problem. If you cannot restart X-Plane you may have to delete your preferences, found in the Output folder. You can also remove joystick device. You can read more about Configuring X-Plane to Use Less Virtual Memory here.

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But why is it doing that now? I flew one flight, let it go for a while, and then tried another one with the same rendering settings and it crashed. Why would I have to decrease the rendering settings?