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Good day,

I tried the X-plane 11 demo and considering moving from FSX, but I have a question. In Event explorer in windows there are cummulated "The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered an out of memory error" warnings. I dont know, if that is on my side, or not. Here are my PC specs:

i7-6700, GTX1070, 16GB DDR4

I dont know, I have only 20fps, so maybe it´s now powerful enough for X-Plane 11, but I want to ask, if there is anything I can do with it.

Thank you very much for help.

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Try to get more virtual memory in your system. Look in the system of your graphics card for advanced setup and change the settting of Open GL, mipmapping and so on.

Restart your computer and try again the X-plane 11 demo
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Thank you, I´ll try that. It will take time, I don´t knwo how to do that in GeForce software :-D


Although X-Plane is running with 6600-7800MB of VRAM used and GTX1070 has 8162 MB, so it is less.
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This is strange considering you have a powerful system. But it's a beta so consider filing a bug report so the devs can address it and possibly fix it.

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Yeah to me too. And it´s only warning, X-plane is normally running. I just wanted to ask before filling anything.

Here are details:

- <Event xmlns="">

- <System>

  <Provider Name="NVIDIA OpenGL Driver" />

  <EventID Qualifiers="32768">2</EventID>




  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-11-28T18:00:26.009478300Z" />



  <Security />


- <EventData>

  <Data>The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered an out of memory error. This application might behave inconsistently and fail.</Data>