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When I select the default Baron or C172 to start the flight with engines off (because I like to do the stating sequence from cold and dark), I just cannot turn on the GPS and radios. I select master battery ON, avionics master ON, I click buttons on GPS and radios stack and still get black gauges. The only way I can get things working again is to reload the aircraft with the "start with engines running" option checked.

I just don't know what is happening, please help.

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In the Baron I know you have to have the panel light switch set to on. Otherwise the radio/GPS is on but not lit up & visible.
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The avionics switches are located at the bottom of the panel, next to the pitot heat switch.  They are obscured by the yoke - you have to know where to look.  I suggest hiding the yoke during startup by clicking on the base of the yoke where it intersects the panel.  Now you can see all of the switches and you can easily work your way across to the avionics switches.  Once the cockpit check is complete you can click on the base of the yoke to restore the image before taxiing.

Like you, I was stumped until I found this video.

Happy flying!