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After flying towards the IAF (initial approach fix) on an RNAV approach and then proceeding to comply with the procedure turn (which in this case is a hold) to intercept the inbound course, the GPS should automatically sequence to the next waypoint while preserving the inbound course on the VOR instrument in order to intercept it while completing the turn inbound (similar to how it does when vectors is activated rather than a specific IAF). The GPS should switch over to the next waypoint after reaching the IAF on the inbound leg unless the pilot has pressed the OBS button in order to activate SUSP mode (in which case the hold will remain active).

When I try to do this in the simulator, I find myself having to go into the flightplan page and activating direct the next waypoint in order to continue the approach, which causes a loss of the original inbound course line until that next waypoint is reached. Please let me know if there's a step that I'm missing in the process or if the proper functionality is not fully modeled.

Thanks in advance.
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I have has very similar problems!

Instead of saying turn to xxx in 9,8,7,6 secs, it says HOLD TEARDROP, etc.

Also, the GS, DTK, and TRK on the right of the map screen of the 430 is not there.

Sequencing has been an issues in approaches, and in response to the answer below, the correct approach is loaded and seems available.

Is there an update possible for this?  I know I, for one, want to practice my IFR stuff for a checkride in a 430 172, and it is important the 430 works MOSTLY like the real thing.

Thanx for a great product!

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Apologies if you already know this: Is that approach available in x-plane ? That is to say although many airports have published RNAV approaches in real life not all of them are available in XP sadly .

Have you loaded and activated the approach via the GPS ?  

Having said all of that there are times when an IFR approach I've flown many times in XP doesn't work e.g glideslope not being picked up by onboard VOR. I treat these as in flight "emergencies " and fly a missed approach . It is puzzling never the less.