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asked Jun 8, 2017 by FLAM (34 points)
The C130 plane does not function correctly in 3D inside the cockpit whether it will be arranged in the future

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answered Jun 11, 2017 by glenfer (1,595 points)

Hi Guillaume,

The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is part of the Standard suite of aircraft supplied within X-Plane 10 and x-plane 11.

So, any assistance provided to FLAM will also eventually help me.


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answered Jun 9, 2017 by amelingu (3,487 points)
Hi, the C130 is not a default X-plane aircraft. You should contact the C130 developers directly.
commented Jun 9, 2017 by FLAM (34 points)


But this is part of the installation of the product I purchased
commented Jun 9, 2017 by amelingu (3,487 points)
What is this product? Can you send a link?
commented Jun 9, 2017 by amelingu (3,487 points)
It's probably from BFDG, which has nothing to do with Lamimar Research. So you should contact BFDG. You can probably find details on how to contact them on the Internet or inside the aircraft folder.
commented Jun 11, 2017 by amelingu (3,487 points)
Oups, my mistake. It is indeed included in X-plane 10 and 11, I had forgotten about it and it didn't appear in my X-plane 11 because I haven't activated "show aircraft from older versions". Sorry about that.

So I don't  know about Laminar Research plan to create a 3D cockpit for this aircraft. It would be nice.
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answered Sep 19, 2017 by david_wi (16 points)
Hi Guys

The C-130 and B-52 have very bad panels.

I removed them long ago.


Bye, David
commented Feb 24 by Tgrillo (12 points)
Why is this plane in the selection if there is NO cockpit,  I do not have access to a 2D or a 3D cockpit on this and other aircraft. I am new to Xplane, and made the jump from FSX.  Some support is appreciated.
commented Feb 24 by david_wi (16 points)

Are you using Xplane 10 or 11 ?

Bye, David
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answered May 11 by Bluejay (18 points)

Here's a 3D cockpit for the C-130 Hercules.



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