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Using x-plane 11, default c-172 aircraft. Default channel spacing for 430/530 comm radios is set to 8.33kHz. This takes forever to tune in a frequency using a rotary encoder setup and I would like to use 25 kHz spacing. How do I set the plane up, so that it tunes using 25kHz spacing.
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Just to clarify, I'm specifically referring to G430 COM/NAV 1 fine up [fine down] command. I am aware that there is a COM 1 fine up [fine down] (25kHz) command but these don't work properly using the G530 G430 radio stacks since the same rotary knob needs to be able to control both COM and NAV standby freqs.

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Hey! I am afraid not. We have made the ICAO 8.33kHz standard the standard in X-Plane as well. If you really want to simulate 25kHz spacing I would recommend that you check out a 3rd party aircraft that models older instruments. Thanks!

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