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Hi All , I am trying to run real weather into my xplane11 -

firstly is there a easier way to locate and load historical weather info for an area , I am an ex converted FSX user who used Active Sky Next and ASN had a great weather engine importer , that we could get historical weather loaded on fantasticly , I currently use the weather connector as well as Sky Max Pro , both are great but only show live realtime. The reason im asking this is its nice to simulate weather conditions for re flights as well as investigation work , for example in Cape Town South Africa ( FACT ) they have just recently had a very bad storm and one airline had mountain wave turbulence , affecting the passengers reported , and would be great to simulate.

So in Short is there any way I can get Active Sky Next or simillar working to import historical weather info into Xplane11

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Hi, for this, I am using FS Global Real Weather, which works very well but is quite expensive. I use it with Skymaxxpro.