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I have an x-plane 11.

I set weather by manual setting. However, the system immediately switches to the automatic setting.


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Can you include your X-plane 11/log.txt?
I suggest you delete (or move for backup) the following folder :
X-plane 11/output/preferences
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Hi! I show you my log.

I do not want to delete preferences folder if possible.

Thank you



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You can still cut/paste the folder somewhere else so that it is reversible. If it solves the problem, you can put the appropriate files back in place to keep your keyboard settings for instance.

Try also to uninstall (or simply disable from X-plane plugin menu) the additional plugins you have installed. Very often, there are conflicts between third party plugins and X-plane. It happens too, that several additional plugins do not work well together. If the problem comes from plugins, you should contact their developers.

Tell us if you can solve the problem.

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Thank you for kindly explaining.

As you say, canceling "noaa weather" Physon's plugin, it makes succeeds.

Thanks a lot!
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Wondeful! :)