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This has been requested before, but I dont see any activity by Lamar research on fixing this extremely annoying "feature".

If I install a free scenery, and such scenery has a problem, the Sim will stop with a popup informing of the fact that "the scenery might not be seen correctly".  If flying on Vatsim and an ATC is covering your area, all I get is a disconnect as Im not supposed to be pausing on line.  I have read the Laminar considers that the authors of the scenery need to be aweare of "Incompletness".  Well, that does not help the end user at all. And in reality it does not help Lamar, as the incomplete scenery is not causing a crash on the Sim.  It is totally unnecessary and just needs to be fixed.

Lamar.  Just get rid of this unnecessary popup. Is destructive and does not help anyone!!

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Thank you for your feedback. This is an option in the Operations & Warnings screen. Uncheck the option for "warn of incomplete scenery installations" and it should stop showing you the messages.
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I do not have it checked.  I believe is when the scenery references an unexisting asset from a dependency.  But even without this asset, the airport still looks right.


I think that what Laminar considers "incomplete scenery installation" should only be applied to when a whole dependent library is missing, not when an asset from that library is missing. After all, assets are added and removed very often from custom sceneries.

If the airport looks bad, then the end user needs to contact the scenery developer, but no flight, specially an online flight, should be paused because an asset is missing..
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"If the airport looks bad, then the end user needs to contact the scenery developer."

We agree on this, but unfortunately in our experience, generally this does not happen. We have made the warnings obvious and annoying on purpose to put pressure back on the community to "not make crappy scenery." 

The message comes up when the scenery pack has something wrong with it that the author should know about - typically the file contains illegal or junk data that is:

1. Always detectable by simply running the pack even once and

2. Harmful to X-Plane if swallowed and

3. Absolutely not what the author intended.

If we put a 'mute' on this, people will be tempted to mute the message because of one bad pack, at which point all errors go undetected because the people who need to read the logs don't.

We recommend you dump the junk scenery pack and/or complain to the author.