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I have changed my computer to HP 4600 with quad core 2.83htz 4gb ram windows 7 32bit nvdiia gtx260 video card changed the virtual memory to 3072 still no luck running good scenery. What else can I do? Attached log file. Appreciate any suggestions.


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When you say "no luck running good scenery," do you mean you don't see any scenery at all, or that your frame rate is too low to use, for instance, some payware scenery?

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The scenery that shows looks like a desert with no major buildings in cities. Looking at the log file a lot of scenery is deleted. I think that xplane has decided that I do not have enough free ram. I am going to install another 2 gigon sunday & I will try it again. Thanks for your interest.

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Hi Laurie,

Have a look at the Minimum and Recommended Specs for running X-plane 10 at this location 

32 bit operating system will only operate with 4 Gb RAM.  64 bit will allow up to 32 Gb.

The graphics card may also be a restriction.  Have a look at the specs for your card at 

Good luck