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hi all just wondering i have xplane 11 for steam and i tried to put scenery form ortho4xp and  i got an error is it because it from steam ??

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No, it should work, even on Steam edition.
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Hi macblade,

Like amelingu, who provided an answer to your question 1 day ago, we are not associated with Laminar Research.

Laminar Research has no connection with Steam and does not support the Steam Version of X-Plane.  Although the digital download version of X-Plane 11 was available from Laminar Research the Steam DVDs were released before the official release of the DVDs by Laminar Research.  The company that produces them are a 3rd party organisation taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar Research.

Any response you may get will only be from other flight simmers.  I don't support anybody who has the Steam version.

If you have not solved your problem then take the problem back to Steam.


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so what you are saying steam sucks and i should have bought directly from xplane site

yea i should have but i didnt and regret buying from steam
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Exactly. There are many topics about it already, on this forum.
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