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With the X-Plane 11.01, Non-Beta version, I am experiencing the loss of the reverse thrust function in the SSG 747-8i. And the Laminar 747-400 in X-Plane 11.01 the speed brakes do not function.

Also, the yoke assignments are strange: I have the CH Products Yoke used in the example in the X-Plane manual. But the assign lever #1 (Y axis) I have to throttles but when my mouse hovers over the lever #1 yoke display, the screen displays "Middle Lever Yaw". I have tried everything but no resolving of the issue, assignment to yoke is not seen rendering the function inoperable.

Are there still issues with X-Plane 11.01 yoke and peddle assignments?


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We have a  bug in our database for the 747 speed brake issue.

I'm investigating the joystick hover text mismatch now because this issue had not been pointed out to us before.