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I used the X-30 experimental aircraft for a while a few days ago and I reached and altitude of 8+ million ft (the altitude indicator on the HUD surpassed 999,999 ft 8 times). When I went back to flying normal aircraft (Cessna 172, Boeing 747, etc) the altitude readings I got from the HUD, Radio Altimeter, and Analog instruments were unrealistic. When I started each flight with an aircraft, (at 0 ft AGL) X-Plane said my altitude was 27,000 ft AGL. Then, when I start to climb after takeoff, the Altitude readings go down as if I'm descending, and do the opposite when I actually descend. Is there anything a can do to solve this problem?

PS: I'm using X-Plane 10. 51 on a 2012 MacBook Pro
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Did you reset QNH?

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Please check the settings for barometric pressure, etc. You can try moving or renaming the entire preferences folder to restore defaults to see if that fixes it as well.

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