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Is it possible to request a higher/lower altitude from ATC while on an IFR flight plan?  I am currently flying and unable to clear terrain at my altitude.  The proper procedure would be to ask ATC for a higher altitude.  I don't see the option on the ATC dialog.

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No, I don't think that is an aspect that is modeled in X-Plane. Your only option would probably be to cancel IFR and then refile using pop up vectors & a higher altitude. 

If this is a consistent problem (ATC gives you a lower altitude than you filed/is appropriate) please file a bug on the bug reporter with specific & exact details & a copy of your log.txt.

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ProPilot '99 had that (in 1999 ;-)), and Flight Unlimited III also had that more than 10 years ago. Maybe X-Plane ATC development should fast-forward ;-)