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Everytime I restart X-Plane 11, it changes my key bindings.

For example: I have Zoom In bound to "+" and Speedbrakes Toggle to "~".

However when I restart X-Plane those keys switch functions.

I haven't noticed any other key bindings changing. These are the ones I instantly noticed.


Thank you.

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I could not reproduce this. Zoom in is assigned to = and + by default, and I assigned speedbrake toggle to shft+`. I was able to use the assigned keys the first time and after a restart.

Please note that at the moment the 747 does not have speedbrakes enabled so using the key will not have a response. Check for a plugin that could be overriding this or additional steps required to see this problem.
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Ok I figured out what the actual problem is.

I first set my zoom key to Key1 (that's how XP11 recognizes it) and speedbrakes to Key2.

However sometimes I notice Zoom doesn't work, so when I check the keyboard Settings I see that Zoom is now on Key2 and speedbrakes on Key1.

Somehow, XP11 is switching Key1 with Key2.

Thank you for helping!