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I see there is a related question, and it appears the answer is that the X-Plane 11 (digital download) requirement to re-enter my serial number every few days may be intentional.  I thought maybe my system was having a problem keeping the registration current.  I wish there was a less draconian way to prevent piracy, and I understand it is what it is, but I don't like it.  Not many programs require users to manually (copy and paste I know) re-enter their serials every few days, and I have several high-end apps running on my PCs.

​Since I'm taking the time to write this, can someone please (re-)confirm that this requirement in X-Plane 11 digital, to re-enter my serial every few days is intentional?  I never have any trouble re-registering, but I just want to make sure this is normal behavior, since some registration systems allow a finite number of registrations under their licenses.
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I have the same problem !
This morning, Laminar disabled my serial code because - this morning - XP11 request to me AGAIN the serial code, I insered it, and I can't run XP11: serial code disabled !

There is a problem on XPlane 11 or Windows 10...

This is absourde !

I wrote to Laminar ([email protected]) but I'm still wait the reply..


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I'm not prompted to retype the key.... the key in my system is already stored, and when the software ask for it, it's  already typed. Something is wrong in your system.


Good luck!