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Ok so I've specifically built a flight sim computer to the best of my current computer knowledge and am wondering if I've made a big mistake with card choice which was purely recommended by a flight sim visual business owner himself. He was running DCS and PREPAR3D though and I didn't think to ask compatibility with Xplane 11.

I am attempting to run x3 1080p monitors with medium to high settings and am struggling to hit 15- 20fps in most cases in 3D cockpit mode.

I want to know if anyone has had experience with this recommended card with Xplane? And if the full potential of the card can be used as it's a Dual card

I have a Intel i7 7700k 4.2GHZ





Any help is much appreciated thanks

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The card meets our recommended specs. However, X-Plane does not use SLI and may never add it as it is incredibly time intensive to add the code and only a small portion of our user base would use it. 

We are working on increasing the frame rate in order to add VR in the future. However, in the meantime I would recommend setting the graphics sliders methodically as outlined in the manual or this video

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Thank you for your reply I will adjust settings. So just to be clear because my card has 8GB in total 4GB x2 would Xplane only be using 4 not 8GB of VRAM? on max everything except one back on AA setting on one 1080p monitor I can get low 20s-30s as altitude increases with zoom 19 on ortho and a couple of add ons etc. and FULL everything in settings I can get approx 17FPS with this happening I would have thought the card must be using the full 8GB to achieve this?
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In the device manager, how many gpu do you see?... if you see 2 GPUs I guess they are Crossfired. Since X-Plane uses only one GPU it uses 4 GB... I only guess..