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Ok so the seatbelt is fully operational but why does the no smoking say inop over it? Will they make it operatable? I know it's not a massive problem but it will be more realistic.

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Hi Jonnythejet

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but it would be very useful if you could advise which version of X-Plane you are referring to and also, which aircraft type?

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I'm not with Laminar Research either, in the US there is no-smoking on any flight, so it is up to the individual airline on how they treat the no-smoking sign. I appears that the model of the 737 may have the no-smoking light wired directly so it is permanently on, IE no need for the switch. The MD-80 still allows the light to be turned off.

Just one reason for the INOP.

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