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I need to know if Xplane11 has 2D view dedicated for IFR as FSX for a separate monitor.

Professional pilots use this configuration a lot.

I notice that people that use simulator just for fun don't care about having 2D view but I hope you guys have a c172 with this view at least. I know that you have to work around 64bit technology in order to run 2D view but any idea when? I disapointed with P3D thinking that they will have 2D views but they don't


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There is a graphics setting to set a second monitor to only use a 2d panel view. However, most of the default X-Plane 11 aircraft no longer have a 2d panel option. Our goal for this version was to make all of the default aircraft have nice, 3d cockpits that are IFR ready. 

If you would like to use the 2nd monitor to just view the 3d panel instruments, you can set that up by adjusting the offsets as outlined in the manual here.

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Thanks for the info. Now, how I download planes for xplane11 with 2D view. I would liket to know where and the process.