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I've read all the other posts on this subject but none answer my specific question:

I am using XPlane11. I just got it yesterday 8/24/2017

I go into Settings-->Data Output and click on the item I want to output (E.g., Lat, Lon, Elevation), and configure the network stuff. I let AI fly whatever (E.g., F4 from any airport)

I start receiving data on my remote java application the moment I click Done on the Settings dialog.

datarefs say lat/lon/elev are all doubles.

Wireshark confirms their is a "DATA*" header on the data

I'm using a Java app to process the data and having a HECK of a time mapping the data to the correct data type.

I am using float and the numbers are close, but not the same as what gets output to data.txt. Using double gives me crazy numbers.

How do I properly type cast the received data in my java application? Or should I just be using C/C++?



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I have exactly the same problem !

When using "float" conversion, I obtain understandable values but really not accurate.

When using "double" (as it shouldd be) I obtain Strange values I can't understand.

Did you have an issue?


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That was a while ago. The Xplane Data output was only an intermediate step for me. I ended up writing a plugin.

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