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Just installed x-plane 11.

After some flights the pull down menu disappeared.

Did not find any possibility to get it back again.

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Hi, you can press alt while running the sim, or check your resolution settings (in the sim, from the home screen)?
If nothing works, you should delete (or move for backup) your "x-plane 11/output/preferences" folder.
You could also try to run the sim in window mode.
One last think, please make sure you have the latest X-plane version (11.02r1).
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Hello Guillaume,

Thanks for your fast response.

By removing the " output/preferences folder" the pull down menu was back again.

During "normal" use of the computer the screen was possibly set to 125%. After starting the X-plane 11 again and again that value must have been loaded from the prefernces folder.

Thanks for your help,

Best regards,

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