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I tend to hand-fly most aircraft where possible and wonder if there is  going to be a keyboard/stick button to toggle autopilot on/off. Otherwise it relies on me finding (and seeing properly) some faithfully reproduced obscure control with sometimes odd switch on/off characteristics - maybe even an auto switch back on function Aargh! - perhaps even a "fuse" to pull out.

Or am I doomed to fly along minding my own business and find a sudden runaway pitch trim etc to fight being controlled by a gremlin fairground-ride type auto thingy.

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Well u know the autopilot button is right below the windshield well I don't think there is a button on the keyboard and I don't think this is such a big problem
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Autopilot should never default to "on". If you have found a default aircraft in the desktop version where the autopilot turns on without you setting it, please file a bug with specific reproduction steps here.

There is a "flight director toggle" command that can be bound to keyboards or joystick buttons.

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Meanwhile I have downloaded quite a few extra freeware aircraft. Most of the smaller GA types and the vintage types have no autopilot and therefore no controls on the panel. They usually have the "gene" disabled within them but a few don't - obvious when you fly them. So , once again, it would be very helpful to have a keyboard command to "kill all autopilot functions". Microsoft sims have and life is easy.