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I have problems launching gliders in XP11 - neither the towplane or winch appear.

In flight config, I can select the glider and towplane, but the tow plane doesn't appear on the runway.

When I select 'winch' launch, there is no winch cable and no winch.

If I start a flight, the glider appears on the runway, with wings level ... if I hit 'b' to release the brakes to launch, as described in the manual, the wings drop down on one side and the glider just sits there :)

I've read all the forums, but no help.

I know the towplane is an AI plane, but I don't have any plugins that would disable AI aircraft. Even so, that doesn't account for the missing winch.

If I select 'AI flies aircraft' while sitting on the runway, the glider appears in mid-air and I can fly it OK - interestingly, this does *not* work for Mildura Glider Club ???

The only issue is how to launch using either the tow-plane or the winch ?

Any suggestions ?


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OK - I just worked this out myself :)

The tow-plane & winch DO NOT WORK if you are configured for participation in a multi-player game.

I play multiplayer with my son - and have his machine listed in the 'Add Multiplayer Machine' settings.

If I delete all other multiplayer machines from my list, then both the winch and tow-plane work as expected - I can begin a new flight and see the towplane sitting on the runway.

BUT - if I then add a Multiplayer machine, the towplane disappears !

So - if you want to fly a glider, you can't LAUNCH when connected as a member of a multiplayer team !

BUT - once you launch, then you CAN add other machines in Multiplayer mode, and glide with your friends :)

Tricky !


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