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I bought X Plane 11 primarily to fly gliders in VR. Overall it does this very well. I do have a few points to raise. I hope there are ready made solutions I am not already aware of.

Winch Launching
Initial launch is fine. Transition into the full climb is fine. After that the launch becomes unrealistic and ends, if you don't release manually early on, in a catastrophe.
After the initial launch, the speed of the winch is just too great.
Additionally, the back release mechanism doesn't seem to work very well.

The tow plane veer off course, about 20 degrees from the centre line. Depending on the aircraft towing, this can be during the ground run! I have had it drag me towards trees and buildings. The towing aircraft then flies straight, just straight. It is nice to have some turns in there to simulate the real world a little bit and also so that you can release with height closer to the airfield.
Towing aircraft does not follow a realistic flight path.

If anyone has any answers or fixes, please let me know!

Thanks for reading.

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As far as the Aerotow goes, I don't believe there's a certain way to fix it. The Stinson, the tow selected by default, will veer off course because the AI support in X Plane is not all that realistic. I was a little confused on the first part, however, about the winch launch. But I hope this helps! Cheers, Uno